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Friday, August 10, 2018, 2:20 P.M.
A message from Keith Edwards. Tape Number: 718-904-1105

Today, the National Union was advised by Verizon of another voluntary surplus. Verizon has declared 17 titles within the State of New York totaling 673 members.

The following is a list of titles, number of members within those titles and Force Adjustment Areas and or Article 8 units.


This offer is the Special Enhanced Income Protection Plan ($50,000).

All members in the titles and Force Adjustment area will receive their packages no later than October 2, 2018.

Those members who wish to volunteer must put it in writing and transmit it to the Company with 15 days of this offer, in this case by October 16, 2018.

The off payroll date for those members accepted will be October 28, 2018 or possibly a later date, to be selected at the discretion of the Company, no later than April 27, 2019.

Please review the paperwork carefully before making a life changing decision.

Please keep in touch with this tape for I will update it as more information becomes available.

And always remember – In Unity There is Strength!

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